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[Access Request] Examknow
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I would like to request shell access because I am planning on helping out in the MediaWiki backend which requires shell access. I am experienced with using the MediaWiki platform and I have developed extensions for the software. My information is as follows.

Miraheze and GitHub username is Examknow
My preferred shell username is examknow
My SSH key is:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDLVJiHKEndw9waFP3B4uET1rBj/um117Z8IfryAT6uBJRHZ+HEcbCiShbu4eMSXLavRv/tgZIptzznI7PKLVfxASIZPRjutkvs0ZpvXUM0CbtSKIwhQTsFuDwmJIfPzIzhyIeW6iMqVwvyZ26vrVCbhEpAoLeSidsAaay3Lgk0T1zLlouS+qoWer6igmAMTljRcElpI9fvA0u4a8jkQIdWG0lliKD97NSCJpdzvfmJ4IoZ3aaiV4MXdsG+pFd2RzuXrN6PBH9m7ndTjRgt5cy7eeX5N1RHLKSp2hbWjjw+pa7hBzPLSzMCWgZcyTOQ/c6t/pIzpzFS5MsuljW46mMT examknow@xshellz-free
I have left a my ssh key on and on

Thank you for considering this request,

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Examknow triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 23 2019, 02:12
Examknow created this task.

-1, I personally have trust issues with this user, and think its perhaps a bit too soon for this user as well.

At this point I will have to -1 since this is way too early in my opinion. You haven't been around for too long and have not demonstrated enough experience for this role yet. Feel free to continue to help us as a volunteer. Additionally, I think with our two new mw-admins there is not a need for another one at this time.

In T4835#91905, @Zppix wrote:


Since you do not have a vote on this matter, reasons are your only way to put across why. -1 means nothing and does nothing to help or inform Operations of why.

NB: I have serious concerns over whether this user is honest at times and over activity levels. They're also evasive and based on what I've seen on their wikis could cause downtime risks and not be able to communicate.

Operations can talk to me when I'm back for more information but if @Reception123 remains -1 then this should be declined.

In short, -10 if I could vote.

It appears that there is pretty much zero support here. I will help out in other means and may request again after about 4 months time.

To be clear I am withdrawing the request

To be clear I am withdrawing the request

Reception123 changed the task status from Invalid to Declined.Oct 28 2019, 09:36