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Search on AllTheTropes is completely nonfunctional
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Starting at some point last weekend (during the announced changes that "might" affect searching), it became almost impossible to use search on All The Tropes, including not only basic searching, but autocomplete and in-editor suggestions. If you do not already have exactly the page name you want, you cannot find anything. Insert a term for which there is not a perfect match and you will get the following message in red text within a pink box:

An error has occurred while searching: We could not complete your search due to a temporary problem. Please try again later.

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Noticed similar issues on meta

Hi, sorry for a late response. We've decided to go and get extra database space (rather then pursue ElasticSearch any further). This is because of the reliability problems you've found (searching not working, or becoming unresponsive for periods of time).

I hope to get searching working on All The Tropes this week as soon as we move some databases over to the new server (which will give us room to re generate the search indexes for All The Tropes wiki in mysql).

I do apologise for this inconvenience.

Thank you. We have seen an immediate improvement today, but the search is still inexplicably case-sensitive.

@Looney_Toons thanks for the response! We've changed plans and are continuing with ElasticSearch after it showed some improvements.

You may notice searching not working sometimes this week (we are aware and are trying to prevent it), but as we move all wikis to ElasticSearch it'll put load on our elasticsearch servers (we hope this will reduce after indexing all wikis).

I do apologise for this (but your searching should improve!) Im currently indexing allthetropeswiki too.

I'm really really sorry that this has take a while to sort out. We've indexed allthetropes now and search is now working.

(We've had to disable ElasticSearch as it was not viable at the moment, though we would like to try it again in the future).

Thank you for the resolution, however it had to go.