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Restoration of the previous permissions of all wikis
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I would like to request for restoring permissions across wikis. Although we can restore them through ManageWikiPermissions manually, I have found out that all the customized user groups has been completely deleted, and it looks like all the permissions has been reseted to the default permissions.

This will cost a lot of unnecessary work for many local bureaucrats. I believe there is a back up for this, and thus would want to have all the permissions restored as the permissions we used to have before the incident at the system level.

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The_Pioneer raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.May 23 2019, 00:49

Apparently, the Wiki Manager permission doesn't work as intended (while wiki creator, CVT, and interwiki-admin works fine). I will report this as an update.

I've successfully managed to restore mw_permissions from a backup we had.