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Download/backup all uploaded images
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My wiki is

Is there a way I could download (or you could provide me) all uploaded images in my wiki?
Like a backup, but for all images.


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Anderlaxe subscribed.

I'm searching a way to do so on MediaWiki.

Hi, we are currently developing a new extension that will allow self backups.

Hi, we have now rolled out the extension, you can do this through Special:DataDump.

Thanks @Anderlaxe @Paladox !
I already downloaded the image dump using "Dump Type -> Image -> Submit".

Two questions: when is this zip file containing all images created? At the moment of the "submit"? It went too fast...wondering this, for when I have the need to download an updated dump.
On the other hand, what is the purpose of "Generate -> Image -> Submit"? I got an "You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested".


Hi, "Generate -> Image" is for sysadmins, you must request that the dump be updated by the sysadmins.