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TemplateWizard and updating VisualEditor
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Two requests:

Could the beta extension 'TemplateWizard' be an option on Miraheze? It's currently in beta use on Wikipedia as far as I am aware. Also, could VisualEditor be updated? I am having an issue where, if I link something in a cell on a wiki and press enter, it leaves the cell and I have to click every time to get back into the cell. Rather annoying when I am writing detailed paragraphs in cells and linking a lot of things. Doesn't happen on Wikipedia, presume it's an issue with versions but I don't really know.

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The update to VisualEditor is linked to the mw 1.32 update. So will be done at the same time.

You can now install TemplateWizard on your wiki (it's available in ManageWiki).

CnocBride assigned this task to Paladox.

Thank you, @Paladox! Going to close this now then.