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(Access request) puppet-user for MacFan4000
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I am requesting puppet-user. I have read and understand I have 25 commits to the SSL repo. I’ve also used Certbot since before Miraheze implemented it (replacing acme-tiny).

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MacFan4000 triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 24 2018, 21:21
MacFan4000 created this task.

FYI, i've emailed operations@ about this request.

+1, SSL handling remains one of the feature requests that must be handled by staff, and I think it's a good idea to have more people that can quickly handle the requests.

This is not related to the access request, but IIRC, puppet-user still doesn't work for now so that would have to be fixed.

No real objections so a more neutral support mostly based on my own inactivity. I agree with Reception saying that having people handle SSL is a good thing.

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