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We noticed that Italian sites appear in Nonsensopedia. This is probably related to your backup. Our pages are replaced by Italian ones. I hope it will be fixed. We also have a technical problem with the removal of pages edited over 250 times. Message: "This site has a very long history of editing - over 250 changes." Removal has been limited due to the possibility of disrupting the work of Nonsensopedia. " Please help urgently !!

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ZelDelet triaged this task as High priority.Nov 16 2018, 20:01
ZelDelet created this task.

Hi, you can delete the Italian pages / or go back in time to where you had it and then save it.

Also another thing this was caused by my mistake (I imported the wrong wiki into yours) which I do apologise.

limit deletrevisions 250...

Delete 'wgDeleteRevisionsLimit' => array( 'default' => '250', databases don't have much memory - let's not overload them in future ),

We cannot remove that as we put it there for server performance reasons.

So we can not remove these Italian articles.

@ZelDelet hi, carn’t you delete 250 revisions each? Or will it only allow you to do all or nothing?

If you have a list of pages that were added because of it we can remove it using deleteBatch (which deletes pages)

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Please delete these articles with discussion sites in EK category:

So you want all the articles in that category deleted?

Yes. These are pages from the Italian uncyclopedia that appeared on Nonsensopedia. They have over 250 revisions.