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Request for New Skin
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I want to activate this skin on my wiki. and change Mobile Defult Skin with this.

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AmandaCath changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Nov 9 2018, 16:26
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I’m not sure if this is possible as it is not a standard MediaWiki skin but rather a custom skin that an individual wiki created manually for themselves. As it does not appear to be maintained upstream, it likely is incompatible with Miraheze, but I’ll let the security reviewers have the final say @labster @Samwilson

@AmandaCath Are they active now? their activity showing that, they didn't active recently.

Is there any other active security reviewer here?

This comment was removed by Ahmsaqib.

@AmandaCath, just because a skin was created by individual wiki specifically for use on their own site does not mean that that skin is incompatible with any other MediaWiki installation.

I've tested the skin on my own MediaWiki installation and it works perfectly fine, with the exception of some links in the header which are hardcoded to point to a non-MediaWiki site (, however, those could easily be fixed to allow the header to be modified by a MediaWiki: message on-wiki.

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Wiki specific coding per above. Until that is fixed, this isn't going to be added.