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Can you import this XML file dump to this wiki? Even if the file is little, I still get error messages when I try to make the import myself, even if I am using "wikia" as interwiki prefix.

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Huh... wikia is a valid interwiki prefix, so as long as you aren’t inadvertently capitalizing the first w or doing anything else like that, Special:Import should work. This sounds like a possible MediaWiki bug on a greater scale.

Does it give you an error message like "504 Gateway Time-out" (T2693) or something else? @Masson_Thief,

I just tried again and the page showing "error 503 backend fetch failed" appeared. Despite this, pages were imported to the wiki but I don't know if the import was properly completed because of the error.

@Masson_Thief 503 errors are an isolated problem that happen every now and then... it looks like you just got bad timing. Please try to import again.

I tried again and the same error happened, what should I do now? I should also mention that the import works only if the archive is extracted, making the file almost 7 MB big, perhaps it isn't small enough to be imported by local admins like me?

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Hi, i have imported it for you.