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Change mediawiki config on igrovyesistemywiki again
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I think the userrights were incorrectly set. In the 'ceo' user group it should be:

'+wgGroupPermissions' => array(
 '+igrovyesistemywiki' => array(

(start fragment)

'ceo' => array(
  'ceo' => true,
  'bureaucrat' => true,
  'sysmag' => true,
  'trusted' => true,
  'autochecked users' => true,
  'editors' => true,

(end of fragment)


These userrights cannot be managed via Special:ManageWikiPermissions, so I decided to create this task. The rest rights I'll set directly.

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@Vlad26t with the global deployment of ManageWikiPermissions, you can do this on your wiki itself. If custom user groups didn’t get transferred over with the deployment (which they should’ve), you can create the new group in the same special page where you manage existing groups.

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“These userrights cannot be managed via Special:ManageWikiPermissions,”

AmandaCath removed a project: Amanda Catherine.
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@Vlad26t please don't assign tasks to people without their consent. Thanks.

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@Vlad26t you can now manage userrights on-wiki via Special:ManageWikiPermissions