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Enable EmailDomainCheck extension on
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Looking to automatically allow account signup from,, and accounts; this extension looks like it allows this.

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@Blacksheep There are several problems related to extension:

I am inclined to reject this request. I'll wait for your answer before proceeding.

If it isn't secure, then it is fine to reject. Would appreciate any suggestions on to how to do this action, as it seems like a very basic functionality for a private wiki (want to allow trusted signups to automatically get view access and not need admin intervention for every new signup).

Hispano76 claimed this task.

I have not found any solution to this. What I found have some or all of the problems I mentioned earlier. closing the request. @Blacksheep

This is not possible for reasons besides the above. Anyone will always be able to register for your site because Miraheze uses global logins. Even if we restricted account creation on your wiki, someone could create an account else where and then load your site.

If you want only certain people to be able to read or edit your wiki you will have to make the wiki private (if it isn't already) and then manually approve users.