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Faster script or extension for massive blocking
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Hi, while I know Void's script is very useful for performing hundreds (or thousands) of blocks, I feel a bit uncomfortable with it when it comes to blocking tens of thousands of IPs, because I can't take any additional actions for hours (or even days) on Meta other than running the script while I'm a flooder.

Thus, I would like to request for a tool (which can be either a script or an extension) working even faster - something like Special:Nuke or Special:MultiLock for blocking IPs.

I also wish there were such tools for local wikis, as some LTAs create dozens of accounts in just a few hours or so in midnight (when admins are usually asleep and no one can stop it).

Since I think this is not as urgent as other tasks, I will triage it as a low priority one.


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P.S. I also wish I could edit the reason. Not all massive blocking is due to proxies.

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I don't think it is possible to create a script that runs any faster without risking causing a DOS-like event. I can make it easy to change the reason supplied (you can do this by changing both lines that begin with reason: in the script before running it), and maybe I'll create a fake special page to make the input look nicer.

I think it might be possible to create an extension/special page that supplies a mass global block interface using the MassLock from CentralAuth as a guide. Maybe I'll be taking a look into that soon.

Hmm, sounds good to me (though the speed limit is sometimes problematic for my activities). Thanks for your comment.

Honestly any such script would probably need to be based on the CLI and be niced on one of the mw systems. Anything running in the browser would time out I think? (I don't see how you could run the script for hours or days as a flooder unless you're repeatedly running it with different input? Seeing as how sometimes Special:Nuke even times out.

Please see CVTwiki. It did stop from time to time due to various kinds of errors.

And I did nothing special; I simply ran the script from console on Google chrome (while the input was different every time since I've marked the progress).

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the multiblock suggestion should be brought to upstream

Closing as declined.

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