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Requesting scheduled backup of every 2 weeks
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If possible, please create backups (every 2 weeks) from and send them to [email protected]

Thank you very much in advance.

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CnocBride mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Aug 29 2018, 12:22
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Backup has been scheduled.

Sysadmins will now take over ensuring it can be mailed to you.

The ops team is looking into refactoring private dumps so that dumps are stored on the wiki requesting them (only private ones). As emails have a size limit.

Oh, ok. Just tell me where to have a look then :) And thank you very much for your time and effort.

Hi, i have done this in please do tell us in 2 weeks if it doesn't generate the dump onto your wiki.

This was totally a ops task due to us having to do puppet changes in order to do this.

Will I be able to download the dump on the url listed above?

2 weeks are over. I do not find the dump. Can you check, if it's generated? And what's the file name (probably it's there but I'm too stupid to find ^.^). Thank you again for your effort and patience with me.

Hi, you can download it here

(i ran the script manually and worked so i guess it's because it does it every 15 days which would be today)

Oh ok, I'll know for the next time :>
Thank you very much :)

11th October now, last dump was from 20th September. I guess that it probably does not work yet as intended. Can you have a check please? And thank you again as always for your effort. :)

Hi, i believe i have now fixed it :)