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External images disappeared
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All external referenced images disappeared suddenly. They actually exists on the server. Could you please check: or



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This is probably because the website in question is not whitelisted. We had a security issue, and currently only trusted external sites are whitelisted. You can ask for the site(s) to be whitelisted or manually upload the images on your wiki.

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Your site has been added to the CSP whitelist.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but as @The_Pioneer says, for security reasons any external sites must be whitelisted from now on.

Hi, I still cannot see the images although the website added to the CSP whitelist.

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Hi, we do not allow to use http over https, please switch to https:// for

I have took the liberty of doing it for you and works now :).

Great.. Thank you very much..

Hello, sorry to bother you again about that. But in most of the pages images are still blocked like below:

And many others.

I think we need to apply the whitelist for the whole wiki. Thanks..

@Polotro you need to convert http -> https

we don't allow http:// because it's insecure and miraheze can only be accessed over https thus it won't load http:// over https://

I've fixed some more from the link you pasted. But as you know the rest i will let you handle those :).

Oh sorry.. You are talking about the image links. I've misunderstood you. Of course I will handle them... Thank you for your effort :))