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Several Requests
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Dear, Miraheze-Team,

Thank you again for your great service.
I'd like to ask you kindly for several features for my wiki "Nanopedia".
-Visual Editor on my wiki.
-Domain and CSR-Certificate for the domain for my wiki
-Is it possible to rise the upload limit a bit?
-Favicon and logo change.

Thank you very much :)

Best Regards and a nice day,
Tim H.

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Sure I'll do it immidiately.
Isn't it possible to change the domain? :/

John subscribed.

It is possible to change the domain to what you requested. Someone (likely I) will send you a CSR later tonight.

Wait. For @labster or @John maybe change wgCentralAuthAutoLoginWikis can to merge the domain and wgserver too.

Labster can't handle custom domains. Only Southparkfan and I can.

Actually T346 is already filed for the custom domain. This ticket can be resolved barring the domain request now.

This comment was removed by TriX1.
John claimed this task.