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****SQLite Tools for RootsMagic

SQLite Tools for RootsMagic

Looking to migrate my site from, due to shut down by Sep 30. Wikispaces so-called MediaWiki export is plain WikiText (not even sure it is MediaWiki syntax or whether it is Wikispaces syntax) files for each page in top folder with subfolders for Files, Discussions (JSON). It's not in XML format required by your current Import tool. Moreover, its HTML export is more complete in that page discussions are appended to the page content (in addition to being available as JSON files), tags (categories?) are included as hashtags concatenated with the text from the page Title in a page Heading added solely to the HTML export, in addition to csv files of tags for pages and files that can be included in any export.

The Html2Wiki extension looks promising and I would like to try it. I have used a HTML import extension with WordPress with some success. There is no alternative import capability that I know of for MediaWiki through which I might migrate my Wikispaces site.

Thanks for your consideration,