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Possible alternative code review methods
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I recently found a code review system based off the Wikimedia one called Is there any plan to move to a more collaborative code review system? Travis CI can be still run on Github PRs and a plugin exists to import open PR's as gerrit code changes.

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This is an issue about configuration storage

@Sau226 There is no current plan, but this is an interesting discussion.

Personally (though other volunteer's opinions may of course vary) I think that we are fine with GitHub currently. The only way I'd personally see another code review system (like Gerrit) being better is if Miraheze develops many new extensions

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Gerrit has been evaluated in the past and isn’t in line with our code review standards. GitHub by far is the most appropriate platform. Moreso grrrithub builds into GitHub and adds inconveniences we don’t need.

Per the feature highlights on

Users can still submit pulls to the github and you can then sync them to gerrithub