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Need a New Logo on
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I uploaded the file as File:Skullcrown.png , and I set it as the logo on the "manage your wiki" page before I figured out I needed to make the request here, so I hope that didn't screw anything up.

Please let me know if you need anything else, and thanks for all the awesome work you guys do!

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Paladox claimed this task.

Hi, you set it wrong, what i did to fix it was set it as "//"

Thanks for that, I understand my mistake now, and have been trying to tweak it, but it's still giving me a super-enlarged version of the center of the picture. I will keep trying, but I would appreciate any advice for how to make it shrink to size. Is changing the original file the only option?

Yep you can update the original image by going to and clicking on "Upload a new version of this file"

Or alternatively you could use the pre made thumbs of the image like