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New special user right in Nonsensopedia
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Hello, since we moved from FANDOM, we’re trying really hard to sort this mess out and restore all the features that we used to have before. For example, there was a user right "Moderators". It had several additional tools, protect, such as deleting and moving protected pages, deleting and moving files, undeleting pages and files, rollback, re-upload files, protecting and unprotecting pages. My main question is - could you create something like that for our wiki? We'd like to have this feature again.

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Should moderators be able to edit fully protected pages? Is the list in the description the full list of rights that the group should have?

Moderators rights:
basic (purge, read, edit, skipcaptcha, nominornewtalk, editsemiprotected, patrolmarks, autoconfirmed, editmyoptions), minoredit, patrol, uploadfile (upload, reupload-own), uploadeditmovefile (reupload, reupload-shared, movefile, suppressredirect), viewdeleted (deletedtext, deletedhistory, browsearchive), rollback, commentdelete, delete, undelete, protect, chatmoderator, editprotected, titleblacklistlog, move, suppressredirect, move-subpages, createpage, createtalk.

I've removed any right that is already given to all logged in users (and is thereby redundant), as well as any right that is expressly granted by any other right. I've also set it up so that the moderator group is granted/removed by administrators. Let me know if that needs change.

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