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[Access Request] mw-admins for MacFan4000
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I am requesting mw-admins so that I may better help with feature requests. I am very active on IRC and onwiki. I make PRs on github from time to time. My time zone is est/edt. I currently run a MediaWiki server (, so I know how to run maintenance scripts and such. I am not that good with SQL, so I uasually google when I need to use SQL commands.

I have provided some help on IRC to other sysadmins, such as I found the fix to use parsoid 0.9.0 with MW 1.30.

Also see

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MacFan4000 moved this task from Radar to Access on the Technology-Team board.

Update: I will wait for others to comment before commenting on this task as i am only new.

John renamed this task from (Request)(access) mw-admins for MacFan4000 to [Access Request] mw-admins for MacFan4000.Apr 11 2018, 22:32
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I think that you have the knowledge for this task, so that shouldn't be an issue.
I still think that you could be a bit more active in terms of PRs, since IMO mw-admin is a role for people who are active and can complete feature requests, run maintenance scripts, etc. I also have a few questions, in the meantime:

  1. What do you mainly plan on doing as mw-admin?
  1. How will being mw-admins benefit you?

@Reception123 I will help with feature requests and help to merge PRs.
I will be able to further help people with their wikis.

Also, plenty of our sysadmins haven't been terribly active with feature requests,.

Also, plenty of our sysadmins haven't been terribly active with feature requests,.

That's a good point. considering over half the sysadmins have access to do mediawiki work.

I am of course, aware of that fact, and that is the reason why I want to make sure a potential new sysadmin will be active.

@Reception123 Yes I will try to be as active as possible.

No objections from me either.

As I said above, everything is fine with me, but I'd like a few more days to be able to asses activity.

Ok, so for about a week, I have tried to be as active as I can. @NDKilla and @Southparkfan, pinging you again for comments please. :)

@NDKilla @Southparkfan, I don’t mean to be annoying, but I would be grateful if more ops could comment on this.

I guess much more activity than you have presented cannot be really asked for.

You have 206 commits to mw-config, which is good as well as 27 to Puppet.

In conclusion, +1 from me.

Assuming that there the others will support, please make sure to read and to agree with it (and mention that you agree :) )

As I always mention, assuming you gain access please take care when performing actions on servers, and always ask myself, another mw-admin or Operations member if you have the slightest doubt about something, rather than doing it right away.

@Southparkfan provided a neutral comment on this request on IRC (can't find the relevant log) therefore this is stuck on @NDKilla only now.