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[Access Request] paladox for ops
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Miraheze Username: Paladox
GitHub Username: paladox
Preferred shell username: paladox
ssh pub key: ssh-rsa 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 [email protected]

Description: I would like to become a ops for miraheze, i've been helping with upgrading to debian 9, by helping to support puppetdb T1997. I am working on getting php7 supported in the mediawiki class and help update all the servers to debian 9. I would like to one day work on T2642 though currently working on T1996.

I will need full sudo to be able to do ops tasks.

Here's verification that i own my account:

(I have been working along side @John and @Reception123)

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Paladox triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 4 2018, 19:59
Paladox created this task.

I have no immediate outstanding concerns but since I know you've been working with @John and @Reception123, I'd like to hear from them before really commenting.

To be honest, I'm getting sick of merging his stuff so this definitely has my support. If he causes the world to burn, I don't have far to travel to gut him anyway.

Serious Side: His work is good and his understanding of the MediaWiki side of ops work is greater than mine - particularly service integration with MediaWiki extensions. His drive is what was needed as well to move some major projects everyone kept putting off because of a) time b) experience c) lack of drive or d) no John.

I can clearly see that you have the knowledge and experience we're in need of. Looking forward to learn from eachother, you definitely have my support.

Fine @John, I'll comment now.

I whole heartedly agree with the last half John's comment. I can't say how long it will last but I can definitely say @Paladox has a drive that would be beneficial to the team. I'm a little hesitant to give somebody ops access w.o them previously being mw admin, just because outside of the startup team that's how it's been, but I see the immediate benefit of him committing to puppet etc.

I've been working with paladox on PuppetDB and he clearly has much knowledge about Puppet and is capable on working on these types of projects. This request would benefit him, as he could (as John mentioned above) commit directly to Puppet and help with other existing projects which require server access, without having to go through someone every time. . I just have two questions (more as a formality) before approving (though whatever the answer is it's probably +1 anyway :P)

  1. What other areas do you have knowledge in (except Puppet, Icinga and MediaWiki)?
  1. Except large projects, do you plan on also doing regular work and maintenance on the servers?

P.S. : Since everyone approved, after I approve I will take care of the on-boarding.

@Reception123 I have experience with phabricator but also have experience doing other things that Miraheze do not use like gerrit. I also have experience in icinga2. (In gerrit I work a lot with JavaScript + html (using polymer))

For question number 2, I could do that, yes :).

@Paladox Great, +1 from me and will do on boarding soon.

The usual, be very careful with db* and nfs1 as they contain very important data. And also, if you're unsure about a commit or an action please ask someone (myself, John or any other ops) before doing it.

Please also read

Reception123 claimed this task.

The only things left are:

  1. Ramnode/Backupsy access
  2. Piwik access
  3. Github owner
  4. Local user rights on staffwiki