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Configuration for Extension:StaffEdits
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OK, security review is easily passed, but there are other issues relating to configuration.

Are we going to want to be able to tag Miraheze staff edits on all wikis? For MH:OFFICE type actions and such, I guess. If so, we'd need to customize the extension to create multiple user rights here.

Next, we're going to have to fork this one, because all of the extension's messages have the word "ShoutWiki" in them. Or I guess override them in the code, under the if ($wmgUseStaffEdits) section? Then maybe change it for each wiki name? Automatically include wiki name in the message?

labster renamed this task from Security Review: staffEdits to Configuration for Extension:StaffEdits.May 22 2016, 22:04

I don't know how other Stewards feel about MH:OFFICE but it might be nice if we can have multiple 'staff' tags one for global staff (mh:) and one for local staff ($wgDBname:) don't know how hard this is to implement

John claimed this task.

@John why declined? just because no response?

No, the specific requester said they don't want it anymore and I see no conceivable usage elsewhere really.