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Implement categorising wikis
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This is a low feature idea but one that should be considered.

Wiki requests should have a category option where the requestor can say the request is about a wiki which is related to "education" or "gaming" or "community". ManageWiki should display this option and allow it to be changed. We should consider an option which can be enabled/disabled too where bureaucrats (or those with managewiki perms" are given a nice reminder saying "Your wiki is not currently categorised. Please provide a category your wiki falls into".

WikiDiscover can then display the category and allow filtering. Users could also say "suggest an 'education' wiki for me" and we can then display 3 wikis they may be interested in.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 2 2018, 02:32
John created this task.


I think a nice starter list for categories be the categories used on the current "Gazetteer of wikis"

  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Learning
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Podcasting
  • Religion
  • Song contests
  • Sports
  • Geography and tourism
  • Military
  • Software
  • Other
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Wikis are now visibly Categorised on Special:WikiDiscover and can be categorised now on Special:ManageWiki and new wikis can be categorised on Special:CreateWiki.

RequestWiki is too poorly made (in terms of coding of the form, needs to be new HTMLForm not XML) so wiki creators should categorise wikis as they see appropriate when making. If its wrong, people can correct it. If its not appropriate, new categories can be added in LS without any issues or left uncategorised and we'll see what happens.

But, another great feature which is a step closer to connecting wikis and communities closer to together courtesy of WikiDiscover!