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[Access Request] John for ops
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A title that's been seen before but this time, differently! (difference; not temp, oh and last time it was "ops for John")

I don't think this task needs go into detail as my experience and history here speaks for itself (afterall, T1 and T2090).

Though for the record, this will be a full resumption of my previous access, responsibilities (even the unfortunate 2am-3am frantic work I was famous for on several occasions) and commitment to all small tasks to big projects - with the addition of making @Reception123 being involved when possible for his development and confidence.

The reason for this is theres been a real slow down in progress in a lot of work because of restrictions on Reception and lack of others available to do/watch him when he's not entirely confident enough to go all guns blazing on the database (or puppet, or mail but then again I don't blame anyone on the last two!).

I can commit the full time as before as starting June 1st I am changing my position where I work which changes from a 24/7 on-call role to a flexible working hours (and location) with on-call duties which is similar to my last role I had while being operations here. Until then, I have all of April off and May is more free than taken unlike the last year.

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John triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 30 2018, 17:44
John created this task.

Symbolic +1 Thanks @John for joining ops again!

Southparkfan closed this task as Resolved.EditedMar 30 2018, 19:26
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Hey John, I have invitedd you to the Operations team in GitHub so you'll have shell access whenever you accept the invite. Reception can help you with access to SolusVM, and for RamNode ping me on IRC so I can add you as a member.

[edit] Thanks for you dedication to the project btw :-)

Although this was already approved by a majority of operations members, just wanted to say happy to welcome you back, John!