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I made an account (CJames-WES) on my wiki ( using email temporary password. During the process I accidentally set the wrong email. Could you add a 2 between the last character of the email before the at (@) and the at (@) as well as send the user a password reset after the email change? Thank you in advance.

P.S: Please comment on this if you wish for me to email staff the full email. Admins should be able to use something called "maintenance/resetUserEmail.php" to fix it for me.

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The user email has been put on the user page here. Since this info is potentiall PII could a staff member with shell access change the email for me and use delete along with the suppress revision/oversight toggle used to remove the page? Ideally I'd not have the page live in the database either but if that can not be deleted I'm fine with that.

@revi @Southparkfan @Reception123

I've preemptively deleted the page (content still available to suitably privileged users here).

For future reference, it would be best to send such information via email.

If this doesn't get handled in due time, it may be easier to handle this by renaming the original account and creating a new one with the proper email.

No worries. When a sysadmin finishes the email reset could they please go and oversight delete/db delete if possible the page? If this isn't handled in due time could someone please go and lock the account for me and rename it?

Has to do with changing database rows I think.

Since the account in question was directly created by the user reporting this there should be no issues just updating the user info and letting them reset the password.

Can't do this currently though.

@WesleyCollege I'm still looking into some weird things, but could you have the user try resetting their account by email and trying to login, letting me know if anything goes wrong? reports an attached local account which should be email confirmed, however it should have loginwiki as the homewiki and just be attached to wesleycollegewiki, but I can't seem to get loginwiki to attach.

Void triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 11 2018, 21:14

No response. Feel free to reopen if this is still an issue