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Logo change and extensions
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Wiki URL:

I came here to request the change the standard logo of our wiki to a custom one. The custom logo is found here.

Furthermore, I also come to request for more extensions that can be proven valuable for the wiki. I want to request the following extensions:

  • CharInsert
  • EmbedVideo
  • ParserFunctions
  • Disambiguator
  • CheckUser
  • WhosOnline
  • Variables
  • PChart4mw

If it is impossible to add those extensions to the wiki, then please do not add them.

I hope that you can add the extensions and upload the new logo to the wiki.

I thank you for your time and assistance.

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Sorry for the late response.

EmbedVideo was previously declined due to security concerns. Could YouTube and/or TimeMediaHandler work intead?

CheckUser is a tool limited to Stewards, and therefore is declined for individual wiki use (Please read

WhosOnline and PChart4mw would need a review.

I see, no problem for the late respond though.

Uhmm... if you could add Youtube that's fine by me.

Disambiguator and ParserFunctions they are enabled by default. They are not yet enabled Variables, CharInsert and ParserFunctions in addition to YouTube. @KidProdigy What is the logo you want? Have you uploaded it to your wiki? please, pass link.

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Blocked on review

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Extensions requests are now being tracked centrally in the review requests. Other tasks have been resolved.