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Settings exist for deleted wikis.
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icinga-miraheze> PROBLEM - - Comodo on sslhost is WARNING: WARNING - Certificate expires in 30 day(s) (Wed Mar 28 23:59:00 2018).

Just one example of one wiki that doesn't exist but still has settings still set in mw-config. This one just happens to create notifications.

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Kinda makes sense, as that wiki is in P43. I'll try and run a query of the pastes against mw-config and see if anything else turns up.

Void triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 26 2018, 21:13

commit 104a9b4ceeb0 should have handled all P43 wikis

John subscribed.

This will eventually be weeded out with the move to ManageWiki.

No one seems particularly interested in handling this now so.