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Import xml into wiki gives "504 Gateway Time-out".
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Since beginning of Feb 2018 I've tried (from a couple of different networks) without success to import a 362kb xml into a wiki. It consistently fails with mostly 504 but also sometimes 503. It ought to be trivial to upload a small file to Miraheze.

This is very frustrating.

By the way the file is F740513 and the wiki is

Was T2693: Import xml into templatewiki gives "504 Gateway Time-out"?
See also T2731: Bug import on

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@Rob_Kam I've imported the latest list you've sent me.

Do you have another one? (I'd like to try doing it using Special:Import directly and try to debug)


... is there any way to get a list of the newly imported templates and other pages, they don't show in the Import log?

It'd be alright to try and import Template:N/a (with Include templates checked), attached here, also fails with 504. It doesn't matter that it's already included in the wiki.

Yet it will import an xml only a few kb smaller, attached.

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Increase max_execution_time in php.ini?

This is still completely broken.

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No activity on this issue in a while. With our upgraded to PHP 7, this issue should be gone.

As always, if it's still happening please open again.

It's still broken/not fixed.

@Rob_Kam the latest file is already imported. Can you please post the file that you are trying to import now?

It's still F740513 that fails with a 504 timeout, even though the data is already included in the wiki.

I’m guessing this may be php script timeout that is set in php.ini server side.

Tagging Site Reliability Engineering as it may require a server side change. Any changes to the timeout will need approval by all ops.

How big is the xml file your uploading?

It could be that the upload size needs to be increased.

Only 362kb, it's not the file size causing the problem.


It's still F740513 that fails with a 504 timeout, even though the data is already included in the wiki.

Ok I will need to setup a test wiki when I have a chance and test and see why it’s causing 504

(Won’t be able to for a few days)

Paladox mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).May 7 2018, 21:44 still gets 504 timeout when trying to import the 362kb F740513

I just tested with that file and it succeeded.

It works for me (and when importing that file on it works)

Special:Import on seems now to function, thanks.