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Prevent users to join my wiki
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I noticed that a user joined my wiki. Can you please prevent this happening in the future? I, admin, will create users when needed. I don't want any random users to join my wiki.


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If you don’t want them to make edits, then you can block them forever.

I don't one anyone I didn't approve to read or edit.

You should try to make your wiki a private wiki, should be found somewhere in your “Special pages” menu

It’s Special Pages -> Manage a wiki -> then tick the “Private” box. Add a reason and hit submit

It is already private. Hence my confusion.

MacFan4000 can not read the contents of your wiki, except for a couple whitelisted pages ("Main_page" and some technical pages).

We can not prevent them from creating accounts on your wiki, as it would break certain functionality with CentralAuth, our unified login system.

I understand. Thank you for the explanation. Is there a way to hide the Main_page from users as well?

@Ha-Mim You could just create another "main page" like "Name_of_your_wiki" and then change the "Main_page" text to just say "This is my wiki. If you are allowed to view this wiki [click here]" and have click here link to your actual main page.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for your time.