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Login error
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The new users (any group) get the following error message when they log in:

Internal error
[d294338f691249591147199f] 2018-01-24 18:46:47: Fatal exception of type "Exception"

After refreshing the page a few times, they are eventually able to see the Wiki main page.

Thank you so much!

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Possibly (/probably) related to T2646 but I haven't checked the exception log so not closing as dupe.

Thanks! Just want to mention that the issue is not limited to the new users. Even I get the same error when I visit However, if I go to instead, page loads just fine. I had a post in the Stewards' noticeboard as well.


Stewards unfortunately can not help you since this is a system issue and only sysadmins have access to fix it. Stewards are more for controlling access to miraheze.

Thanks. They also asked me to submit a Phabricator ticket. Should I create another one or is this one sufficient?

@Ha-Mim it would seem to be a different error, so I'd say new ticket.

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See T2872 for tracking the actual issue now.