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Internal error on login to
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I recently requested with username Bennetal. I'm able to do most things I need with this wiki which is great. I also created an accounts for six of my colleagues via:

I ticked the box "Use a temporary random...". As this is a private wiki and I subsequently gave my colleagues "Member" rights via:

This all seemed to work fine and my colleagues received email notification and login with the temporary password. After changing their password each of my colleagues tried login in via:

At this point they are taken to URL similar to:

Within this page they all receive something similar to the following (see between ==== below):

Internal error

[f3ebcae14bf2ba84fc863b78] 2018-01-22 17:05:36: Fatal exception of type "Exception"

My colleagues naturally think that their login attempt has failed. However, if they enter in the URL address area

they find that they are login and can access the wiki.

Now I personally don't get this problem when I login only my colleagues. The only thing that appears to be different is that I have an account with Miraheze but my colleagues don't, they only have an account with

Thanks for any help you can offer in resolving this issue.

Best regards,


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@Bennetal Yes, you should probably ask them to also create an account on and (just by visiting these sites while logged in).

Hi Reception123,

I did as you suggested with one of my colleagues but unfortunately that didn't work either. That colleague still gets the same: [Internal error ... Fatal exception of type "Exception"] when try to login to

However, I think I know what is going on. Here is what I did to test that theory.

You will recall that I originally created the wiki accounts for my colleagues. Now I asked one of my colleagues to instead of logging in with the Username that I setup but instead create a new account themselves with different Username and Password. After Confirming the account this colleague was able to login to without the [Internal error ... Fatal exception of type "Exception"] problem.

Now I don't want to cause a further problem but can I delete all the user accounts to that I created and get my colleagues to create new accounts with same usernames of those deleted. If this is not possible then I will get my colleagues to create new accounts with different usernames.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Best regards,


That's an interesting issue.
Anyway, accounts are generally not deleted, however, if your colleagues would like to continue using the same usernames, the old accounts can be renamed to something else.

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(In part.)

The issue is tracked at T2872 and with no replies in the past 2 months, the solution described above works or providing a list of all accounts to be merged globally would solve this in full.