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sdiywiki user rights
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Description please can the owner/sysop have user right oversight enabled, (so as to hide the spambot created fake one-time user IDs on the wiki)?

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Hideuser access will be all I think they will grant you if they grant you any extra rights relating to this at all

MacFan4000 subscribed.

I believe this has been discussed before. It was restricted to stewards for privacy reasons.

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Privacy-sensitive user rights like checkuser and suppression (aka Oversight) is restricted to their dedicated user rights, and cannot be offered to other groups (like sysop). Assigning the user right to community member is outside the scope of Phabricator.

Does anyone have Oversight on Miraheze? Then I could request fake users are hidden.

@Rob_Kam Stewards can do this fir you. Just post on the Stewards noticeboard or ask around in IRC.

MacFan4000 removed revi as the assignee of this task.Jan 4 2018, 15:22

Already posted (as recommended to do on IRC) on SN at Hide fake user accounts?.

The thing is, we don't usually hide user accounts, especially if the names aren't offensive, as in this case. This is of course stewards discretion.

These are not actual user accounts, it's just misleading noise/crud created by spambots.

Please take non-technical questions to meta, please?