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[Access request] puppet-user for revi
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I'd like a puppet-user role, done few certs, willing to continue. Since there's no form or pre-filling task for puppet-user, I'm just making a task with bare texts and gonna continue from here.

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revi triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 29 2017, 16:44
revi created this task.
revi moved this task from Incoming to Permission on the revi board.

Revi clearly has knowledge of SSL and has indeed already helped out with a few certs. +1 from me. Will explain Private git

Reception123 renamed this task from puppet-user for revi to [Access request] puppet-user for revi.Dec 29 2017, 17:39

@revi revi, everyone on the team knows of your work, but just as a formality (And documentation) could you describe your experience with SSL handling and what you'd be able to do with puppet-users access?

@Reception123 can you handle explaining the whole ssl thing on puppet

I'll be willing to go ahead with this after 2 ops (myself included) +1 since spf is so dead

I've been interested in TLS stuff, listening to all bugs with Mozilla bugzilla related to their CA management, and stuff.

I've been just a user of the TLS, but recently with help from @Reception123 I'm now capable of making a CSR, issuing them, and making sure correct Intermediary is included in the certificate chains.


Just to have it for the record here, I have added documentation on-wiki regarding how to add private keys, and have invited revi to read it.

Once this is approved, I can do on-boarding and go through the steps once more with revi.


@revi has been particularly helpful notifying us of potential issues with SSL, including trying to notify us when browsers add or remove CAs from their default trust stores.

Additionally, the access will allow revi to handle renewing of SSL certificates.

Assigning to myself for onboarding. @revi Please tell me when you would like to do it.

revi is in the puppet-users group now.

Made sure @revi has access to puppet1 and is part of the GitHub puppet-users team. Good luck! :)