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Internal error bug
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I seem to be getting the error below. Please help me diagnose/fix it. Thanks

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@Sau226 Is this still happening? I can't reproduce this error.

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Sorry @Reception123 the error is still occuring. You may reproduce it by using Google Chrome stable on Windows 10.

  1. Create an account on
  2. Assign bureaucrat and sysop to it
  3. Log in as that account
  4. Visit Special:Log
  5. Pick the 500 logs option

Expected action: Logs appear
Current action: Error message as above displays

It seems to only break when logged in

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The error is related to a block being above the maximum time. Sysop is required to view deleted revisions I believe.

21:26, 29 November 2017 (username removed) (log details removed) (edit summary removed)

This is what I see in the logs while logged out and it works.

Err I have sysop on there @NDKilla and bureaucrat. Does that help?

I've been unable to replicate with my account and my test account with or without perms.

Actually, I can replicate, go into preferences, and manually set the timezone to +1 (or + anything really) and it errors.

Yes. Thank you for clarifying. Now @NDKilla is this a bug that can get fixed? I can see 500 log entries on my local test wiki (link here) with custom global timezone and without erroring.

Bump as a sysadmin reminder

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This isn't a bug that can be resolved even if it exists as it's the case of "someone did something stupid that shouldn't happen".