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LeaseWeb trial
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@labster, please create an account with LeaseWeb and (sometime in early January, 2018) purchase this dedicated server:

Dennis Van Binsbergen, with LeaseWeb sales, said that he would credit our account for the pro-rated usage in the month we purchase it.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your reply.

In order to proceed, please place the order online and send me the order

If you wish to proceed with the server, I will waive the costs by crediting the
pro-rata charge for usage of the server in the month that it was ordered.

Since it is December 21st now, and we have Christmas and New Year's Eve coming
up, I would advise you to order the server in early January, otherwise the
remaining period will be very short.

Looking forward to receiving your reply.

Kind regards,

Dennis van Binsbergen
Inside Sales Representative
LeaseWeb Global Services B.V.

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OK, created an account and bought a server. Apparently they need to give me a phone call to activate it or something?

@labster I'm not sure about the phone call. If that's the case, hopefully they call you? After you get the order number give me it (Or list here) so that I can send it to the representative I was talking to

I guess the phone call is not happening? There was some weird messages about it because I'm a first time buyer or something. Anyway the order number is NL20180104259060.

They say that it will be provisioned on 08/01/2018. I probably wouldn't have ordered the server if I had known we couldn't get it until August.

@labster pretty sure they mean 4 days from now. I'll send out the order number.

Europeans have to do everything backwards, huh. Like when we have night, they have day.

Hi, i found an even cheaper host that host nodejs and gitlab + more resources for cheaper prices and ssd and unlimited bandwith.


Or there's for 5 euros you get 100gb ssd with 4gb dedicated ram and bursted up to 8gb.

OR there's cheap dedicated servers.

@NDKilla @Southparkfan

Ping from mw1 to db4 (LeaseWeb)

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=2.82 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=2.80 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=2.93 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=57 time=2.77 ms

They're asking for renewal for this month, so are we going to use them or should I drop the service?

@labster spf is under the assumption were obligated to pay them because we were already invoiced, so we were making arrangements to continue testing

The invoice has already been paid right?

I've moved a few wikis. Here are the performance results.

metawiki before:
metawiki after:
Response time never <200ms anymore, but it rarely exceeds >300ms (which happened too often on db2) now. Not really disappointing

worlduniversitywiki before:
worlduniversitywiki after:
Response time is not stable, almost doubled.

testwiki before:
testwiki after:
Actually an improvement here (looking at avg). Also more stable.

tmewiki before:
tmewiki after:
Response time increased by >2x, unstable.

vandalwiki before:
vandalwiki after:
Response time increased by 30%, but is much more stable.

So far there is a measurable performance regression on db4, which is exactly what I expected (2.8ms vs 0.4ms ping). However, I wonder why the standard deviation decreased for three wikis and increased for the other two wikis.

I have sent an email to LeaseWeb Sales for a quote:

  • db4 (current dedicated server)
  • mw[123] (any quad-core VPS, preferably some custom-sized plan)
  • cp4 (cheapest VPS will suffice)

I've also found (8.99 euros for 12gb of ram, 300gb ssd, 4 cores, unlimited traffic with 100mbit port).

I've also found (8.99 euros for 12gb of ram, 300gb ssd, 4 cores, unlimited traffic with 100mbit port).

Its DC is in Nuremberg, not in NL

or there's data center is in Strasbourg i think

14.99 euros for 150gb ssd, 4g of ram (Dynamic RAM (with Linux only) upto 8gb) and 2 cores. it is also a RAID5

or 19.99 euros for 200gb ssd, 6gb of ram (Dynamic RAM (with Linux only) upto 12gb) and 4 cores.

Hmm maybe not them as there kernels seem old.

host-europa uses openvz. Which means you carn't use a custom kernel.

Bolding closing this as resolved (as a trial was done) and recommending all future discussion goes into T2379 as this is basically a split dupe ticket that needlessly addresses a sub part of the problem.