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Part-up still appears when I share a link via WhatsApp
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When I share a page of the R2-wiki ( via WhatsApp. I still see 'Part-up' appear. Is it possible to change this to 'R2'?



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If you mean the title, I think that it takes time to update, and it should be done automatically.

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I think you meant the actual title. You can change this using Special:ManageWiki

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Unfortunately this issue isn't solved. When I share a link via WhatsApp I still see Part-up.

@Timboliu999 If you go to you can see that the "Sitename" is still Part-up. Once you change that, it will change.

Thanks @Reception123, when I go to this page I get the following message: U hebt geen rechten om manage wiki settings, want:
De gevraagde handeling is voorbehouden aan gebruikers in de groep bureaucraten.
Can I get bureaucrat-rights for this wiki?

@Timboliu999 The current bureaucrat is, but I see that they are inactive. The only way you can become a bureaucrat is to hold a vote on the wiki, and then if the community votes in majority for you, a steward can grant the rights.

Hi reception, thanks for the info.
Laurens Waling is a good friend, so I will contact him to vote.
How can I set-up a vote? Can I do this on a discussion page on the r2 wiki?
Should I also ask Laurens to stop being a bureaucrat? Or is this a seperate vote?

I think you can keep the current bureaucrat. Usually on other services I use they only demote them by community consensus vote on the community portal or some sort of on wiki, well known community meeting place (as determined to be valid by the demoting person) or by 1 year of inactivity. Since on here only stewards can dismiss a bureaucrat I suppose a self request by them (Laurens Waling) will also suffice.

@Timboliu999 Lwaling can make you a bureaucrat without any vote, since he is already one. I just said about a vote in case that he was inactive.

Hi @Sau226 and @Reception123, I have sent an e-mail to Laurens if he is ok me becoming a bureaucrat. Is it possible that I forward his approval to you? Laurens probably doesn't want to be bothered finding out how to make me a bureaucrat.

@Timboliu999 Please tell him to assign it to you via Special:UserRights, it is very easy to do :)

@Timboliu999 Get Laurens to use this link: , log in as Lwaling and tick the box labelled bureaucrat. They can put a reason in the reason box and press save. You will be added to the bureaucrat group immediately after the page loads after that

I see that this has been done, so therefore you can now change the sitenotice and resolve this issue on your own.