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So I never knew you could import most articles and wiki content from a Wikia to another wiki. So I am requesting that be imported over to

I understand files and images can't be imported over but all I really need is the wiki content.

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@CnocBride Do you need current pages or current pages and history?

If it is possible, yes, please include the page history.

@CnocBride Do you see "Send request" in Statistics of your wikia? Can you click it? That will ensure Wikia generates dump via latest revisions (rather than one from April) and make sure (almost no) revisions will be omitted.

This comment was removed by CnocBride.

@revi I will send a request to Centrist16 (Main administrator) on Conworlds to refresh the dump. Thanking you.

No response to my two comments. Please reopen when you have the dump

Apologies Reception.

I had seen your comments earlier but never got round to getting the database dump. The database dump has been updated and can now be imported.

Could you please import the database dump (full page history) from please?

Thank you :)

@CnocBride Sorry, I didn't see your response.

@Paladox Please confirm once the database is available on db4.