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Unknown db on login
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I attempted to launch Void-bot (which checks a config page on metawiki before connecting to IRC) and received an ambiguous error that the script could not login as Void-bot. I therefore opened a new browser and attempted a manual login and received the specific error (Cannot access the database: Cannot access the database: Unknown database '0' ( @John mentioned on IRC that 0 is impossible for a db name. When I view any page later, it treats it as though the login was successful. I do not recieve this error when logging into my main Void account.

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Hmm, strange. We should wait for further user reports. Confuses me as '0' definitely doesn't exist even if impossible, there's no reason for the database 0 to be called.

Well, as a temporary solution, I could create a new account and attempt to use that in the meantime. I'll see if I can figure out anything else about it.

I also experienced this issue when attempting to login as Void-test. I do not encounter it with the new account.

I can now confirm this error when trying to also sign in with my alt account, but I did get signed in anyway.

This just propagated to the account Void-bot2

Actually, it currently affects all the alternate accounts I have.

Well there is definitely no database called '0' on db2, or an entry in cw_wikis like that, so I don't know why this database is being called upon login.

15:10:33 mw1 metawiki: [64f3b206dedac3b17e53f55b] /w/api.php?format=xml&rawcontinue=1&maxlag=5&action=login   Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBConnectionError from line 769 of /srv/mediawiki/w/includes/libs/rdbms/database/Database.php: Cannot access the database: Unknown database '0' (
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Will be resolved in 1.30, when the extension is re-enabled after the fix.