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Possible problem with user
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One of our developers has deleted our code repo for our open source project,
and we're trying to protect our other assets.

Is there a way to protect our wiki from unwanted changes?
I'm not a very good Miraheze admin, I guess I'm asking to change our configuration so that approval is required for changes to our pages.


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All changes to the mediawiki is public and stored forever even if the content is 'deleted'.[1] (Otherwise we had no Special:Undelete.) And because of it almost all actions on wiki is reversible. If you want to really protect from unwanted editing, we have FlaggedRevs. However note that it cannot protect from the malicious user trying to delete your whole wiki, block everybody, etc etc that does not involve editing.

[1]: disclaimer: 1. Only admins can delete a page. 2. Deleting the Database will of course wipe it, but it is highly restricted, currently only 3 people in the world have that capacity. 3. If the wiki is inactive for long time, we might wipe it under the dormancy rules.

I noticed today that the format of the wiki has changed.
It doesn't look like a wiki, it looks more like a blog!
Is this something you did in reponse to this trouble ticket?

I don't know how to update the wiki anymore.
Looking at the site, it looks like this:

wikiNewLook.PNG (725×675 px, 53 KB)

@Slspencer that’s the mobile view powered by the MobileFrontend extension which can be disabled at your request.

Or you can just switch to the desktop version by going to the bottom of the page and clicking "Desktop"

John subscribed.

Not a tech related task.

If further help is needed regarding this user go to or if you need an actual configuration (user rights) change please reopen.

John triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 16 2020, 20:48