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[Access Request] Request mw-admin rights for Zppix
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Reason: Today, 8/14 we had a large amnt of errors occour and someone with access to servers were largely unavailable. Therefore i'm requesting access to mw-admin to help prevent/fix these issues, and other mw-admin tasks.

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John renamed this task from Request mw-admin rights for Zppix to [Access Request] Request mw-admin rights for Zppix.Aug 14 2017, 19:31
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First Comments: The access to the server issue is because most sysadmins are on holidays during this period. At least for me, I generally am quick to respond.

An issue that I see is a relatively small number of commits to mw-config, 20. It is not necessarily a blocker, but it would be nice if there were more.

Me or another sysadmin will probably want to ask some questions on IRC as well.

@Reception123 seeing as i am also a upstream contributor (mainly) that should be accounted for??

and feel free to ask questions.

Asked a few questions, seems to have knowledge of MediaWiki and functions, maybe could improve a bit on Miraheze specifics but I think the knowledge is okay generally.

Now it is up to ops to comment further.

@NDKilla @Southparkfan yet another ping - it's been three months (nearly four). During this time I've rejoined and left ops and @Reception123 has joined it (also a ping for you as your previous comment was not as ops and is ambiguous as to whether you support this or not).

Personally, I would like to see more activity in terms of mw-config, as I mentioned above. Zppix is active on IRC and helps out, but only currently has 37 commits and 30 PRs on mw-config.

Being active is something important when it comes to being a sysadmin.

I'm sorry for the delay here. Almost 5 months now.

However, I would like to see a comment from @NDKilla first, even while I could immediately reject/approve your request regardless of consensus.

I would also like to see more commit-related activity. I appreciate them coming on IRC a bunch and usually don't want to punch them because of their bot, but going to hold off on a +1 til i see more of an ability of Zppix to fill a gap we need.

Southparkfan closed this task as Declined.EditedJan 6 2018, 15:02

I am declining the access request.

The requested position [mw-config] requires lots of knowledge and activity on miraheze, and the activity lacks here.

Still, I think if you keep contributing for a few montgs from now on, you would make a great chance. Please keep the work up, and thank you for being part of the project!