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Have to log in twice, then can't log out.
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On Chrome/Win10

Two possible related bugs:

  1. when logging in, I have to do it twice, or the login won't stick. Logging in gives an error "No active login attempt is in progress for your session.". Trying to edit at that point shows I'm not logged in. Logging in a second time gives the same error, but this time loading any other page shows I'm logged in. This happened earlier this week, without the "can't log out" side effect.
  2. Right now, once logged in, I can't log out. When I try, I'm showed as logged out, but then the page keeps loading something (js?) in the background, and after 10s, I am logged back in. If I go to the login page in the interim, stop the page from loading, and log in as a new user, I get the error "there seems to have been a problem with your login session, it was cancelled to prevent session hijacking."

Update: I think I can force the matter by stopping the page, logging in as a new user, stopping the page again after getting the "login cancelled" error, and logging in again as the new user. I can't duplicate this "won't log out" bug with any new user account, but can reliably do it with this account (marria). All accounts ,new and old, have the "must log in twice" bug.

Event Timeline

+ The double login looks like T625 and T1556 (unlike Amanda from the T625 thread, I can't reproduce this on Wikimedia or other non-mhz wikis)
+ Not being able to log out looks like "autologin" from T1156

We're trying to consolidate all login bugs into a single one as there is no evidence the issue is on our side while we have evidence suggesting the issue is upstream with the software itself.

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