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Extensions Request - 'TextExtracts' and 'OpenGraphMeta' on 'kstartups@miraheze'.
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Extension TextExtracts is enabled on English Wikipedia, and as such doesn't have to pass a security review.

Extension:OpenGraphMeta looks fine to me, if a little old. Anything requiring $ef configuration variables raises a yellow flag, but in this case it's fine. Also this extension will provide a description field if Extension:Description2 is installed. I've also reviewed that extension too, and that one is also safe to install.

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These never needed a review, as they are both already installed.

@Besuccess TextExtracts is included in the "Popups" extension, would you like that enabled on your wiki?

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@Reception123 Is the issue still reproducible for us? With the new system this shouldn't be the case unless its an actual issue with the code.

It shouldn't be, but the wiki is closed, so for now closing as declined.

If the wiki reopens feel free to reopen.