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PageForms errors / Review Cargo
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PageForms was installed 4 days ago but gives a 502 on extloadwiki with error: [f106c1651a85602ed5a99167] [no req] MWException from line 335 of /srv/mediawiki/w/includes/MagicWord.php: Error: invalid magic word 'default_form'. When trying to rebuild LC the error happens

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@Reception123 Talk about high and upstream since 2014:

It looks like the current workaround is to comment out the responsible line, e.g.:

Aside from this issue, I'd really take another look at installing cargo as well since it isolates the additional data used by this extension into their own DB tables. This way other Miraheze tables remain clean.

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I guess its another review.

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@Reception123 why have you turned a "fix this bug" issue into an unrelated extension review?

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@John I wrongly understood that the extension would fix it.

either way cargo was reviewed and approved

OK, the word on Extension:PageForms is that I don't have time to do a standard review of it. I'm thinking both Extension:PageForms and Extension:Cargo are in the 10kLOC range, which means that they're reasonably mature products. And a random look at some files shows that yes, Yaron Koren writes some good PHP; a full readthrough isn't necessary like most crappy extensions. So I'm going to say security approved on that basis for both Cargo and PageForms.

(As a counter-example of a large extension I wasn't going to approve, look to DPL (third-party) which is a mature product in the same sense as wine with a hint of vinegar.)

That said, I have no idea about resource requirements for either extension, other than to note that it's a piece split off from Semantic Wiki. So I can't really offer guidance here to the sysadmin team as to whether installing it is within our capabilities.

Did what I have suggested help?

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I don't think this is invalid, as I believe the extension is still not working

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The extension works now but the wiki is gone.

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Easier to find that this was already reviewed ok if it's set to resolved.