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Change logo and favicon on
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Hi! I would like to change the logo of the wiki to this one: and the favicon to this one:

Thanks in advance!

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@Anao22 please upload both to your wiki via the Special:Upload page.

Hmm.... I'm having trouble to see what I did wrong! Aren't they uploaded in the wiki already? I used the option "Upload File" under "Tools".

@Anao22 You did nothing wrong, I just provided the direct links to where the images are stored. You've done everything on your end perfectly, now we just need to wait for someone else to update the configuration. Cheers

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I would like to change my favicon,

I would like to change my favicon,

First of all, please don't "bump" tasks that have long been closed... please open a new task for new requests.

Second, you can change the logo and favicon yourself via Special:ManageWiki.

I uploaded the photo and made the url,