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Urgent! Please block kjh010206 in jayuwiki
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It seems someone acquires the account infos(id &pw) of kjh010206 and destroys wiki using the accounts. Since I was blocked so I cannot block the account now. Would you block the account now?

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Kjh010206 told methat his account seemed to be hacked

@utolee90 if you are sysop/bureaucrat/founder on the wiki you can unblock yourself. Go to Special:Unblock and type in your username.

DeltaQuad lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to High.Jan 4 2017, 12:18

Unbreak Now is only used for global Miraheze issues

But it removed my admin userright so I cannot unblock myself. Bureaucrat cannot unblock itself, only admin can unblock itself.

Oh, so your wiki was compromised. You will need to wait for a steward to restore your userrights, unfortunately. @John @NDKilla @Southparkfan

Haa... I cannot do anything but to wait until they resolve. I also ask for Stewards to add userright "unblock" to bureaucrats in order to prevent such abusing

It looks like @Southparkfan has globally locked the account, as it reportedly has been compromised. This issue should be resolved, but we need to wait for offical confirmation.

I have performed a CheckUser on the account, and the account indeed seems to be compromised. The account has been locked, preventing it from performing actions on any wiki.

All user rights changes have been reverted, and some other log actions (AB changes/blocks) have been as well. However, a lot of pages were nuked. Restoring them cannot be done manually (since it will take a very long time). You must determine if there are edits that should be reverted. We will focus on restoring the pages.

I want you to restore all pages that are compromised today except user pages. Actually None of other users didn't edit anything(except original owner's comment on my talkpage) after the beginning of massive destruction. So it's OK to revert all of actions of the account today.

I already finished restoring all pages using keyboard macro software.

Void lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.

All seems handled.