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Unbreak ACME challenges
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It is not possible currently to renew's certificate due to how that domain redirects to serves a 301 directing clients to, which then serves a redirect to

Let's Encrypt, when renewing's certificate, finds itself in more or less this redirect chain:

Redirect nºFromLocation<random string><random string><random string><random string><random string> then returns a 404 because our system expects requests to .well-known to come to the domain root (, and the renew fails.'s cert will expire Fri 14 Jun 2024

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OrangeStar triaged this task as Normal priority.Sun, Jun 9, 17:25
OrangeStar created this task. temporarily removes the redirect to allow for the renews to go through. That's just meant for use right now, if we had to do this everytime the expiration date is approaching it would kind of defeat the point of automating the whole cert renew process.

In the past this hasn’t been an issue. There is a similar issue with

In T12203#244273, @Void wrote:

Should be prevented now with which should work for all redirected domains.

still failing with the same output

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