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cloudflare-related RDNS issues
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RDNS accounts for the largest chunk of the icinga alerts right now. Many of the alerts are for subdomains, because DNS returns cloudflare IPs which don't have PTRs set. I see two possible solutions. 1. somehow have PTRs set in Cloudflare, 2. modify the RDNS check to detect and exempt cloudflare.

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Collei triaged this task as Normal priority.Sat, Jun 8, 06:14

I don't think the rDNS check serves a purpose once we have moved to Cloudflare fully.

I'm not even sure why domains use them tbh.

I think we were maybe going to make use of it in RequestSSL (cc @OrangeStar)

The aim of the checks were to make sure traffic goes directly through us and not any unexpected third party.

I suppose we could check it's a cloudflare ip

RequestSSL doesn't know nor care about Icinga's checks, the plan is to have it do the checks for if a domain is pointed in the extension itself as part of a job queued when a request is filed.

MacFan4000 claimed this task.

Change is deployed and working.