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Enable DNSSEC at Registrar
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Hello @Universal_Omega or @Void

I don't see why we shouldn't enable DNSSEC, so someone should add the records to the registrar

DS: 3600 IN DS 2371 13 2 BD48494A70638B4341F7D45E5AA7E416FA57383C8DE9B5EF82496C6E449D8A0F

Digest: BD48494A70638B4341F7D45E5AA7E416FA57383C8DE9B5EF82496C6E449D8A0F

Digest Type: SHA256

Algorithm: 13

Public Key: mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0dxCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+KkxLbxILfDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==

Key Tag: 2371

Flags: 257 (KSK)

Records can be verified in Cloudflare -> DNS -> Settings -> DNSSEC -> DS Record

Please be careful as you'll break DNS if you do it wrong

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