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Add and Install Extension:BibManager
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Dear Miraheze admins,
I would like to be able to create a single source location for the references I will be using on my wiki. The references are in BibTex format. There are systems for this based such as

But neither is on the Special:ManageWiki/extensions page. Also searching for extensions related to bib, tex , reference yields no result.

Now, admittedly I am complete MediaWiki Noob, so it may be possible to implement this using existing Extensions such as Cargo or Cite, but I haven't figured it out.

Can you help?
Thank you in advance,

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PixDeVl subscribed.

Assuming they pass a security review we should be able to add these. Do you have a preference between the two(if not I'd say BibManager as it's stable, more well-documented with a full manual etc). BibManager does seem to have some rights and such that need to be assigned, so it may take a tad bit longer(I'm not a sysadmin so I can't fully do the process of installing extensions, all I can do is speak from my limited experience and do a bit of the paperwork)

PixDeVl edited projects, added Extensions; removed MediaWiki.

Curse Phorge and it's confounding project tags

Dear PixDeVi and team,
Thank you for your review. I think either extension may be suitable so let's go with the one that you propose - a more stable and well documented extension is definitely desirable.

Best regards,

Alright then, moving this to the domain of security reviewers. Assuming it's approved I can probably make the pull request to add it and it database namespace nonsense :)

PixDeVl renamed this task from Support of bibtex style referencing to Add and Install Extension:BibManager.Apr 12 2024, 22:18

This extension was previously declined in T11485#236695 though the linked patch was merged.

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This extension was previously declined in T11485#236695 though the linked patch was merged.

That is correct but I still don't feel comfortable approving an ancient extension as the patch was not merged by one of its developers.

ExternBib does not appear to be much better, however, seeing as it is not even using the modern extension registration system.

Unfortunately, neither of the extensions can be approved as a result.