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[ACCESS REQUEST] Expanded access for OrangeStar
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Mar 13 2024, 19:18
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"Burninate" token, awarded by PixDeVl."Dat Boi" token, awarded by Original_Authority.


Shell name: N/A, already have one
SSH Key (if new access): N/A
Requested access: MWE (but keeping my SWE title)

Rationale for access: Per request by @Universal_Omega. I will be helping out on some of the tasks here. However, for now I'd like for SWE tasks to remain my primary focus.

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Following my usual practice, I've got an activity/focus related question:
Even if Software Developer will remain your main focus, what kind of tasks do you see yourself doing with mw-admin access? Do you plan on helping with the Phorge backlog and various bug reports?

Yes, I do intend to help with the backlog here. That's why I was asked to consider making this request in the first place. To elaborate on why I want to remain mostly focused on SWE for now, I'm very limited in terms of time right now due to IRL constraints, and am thus unable to really commit to day-to-day MWE work (though I'm trying to be online from 16:00 to 20:30 UTC+1, and mostly succeeding so far). SWE work on the other hand I can take care of relatively slowly over time and is less time sensitive than bug reports.

Universal_Omega changed the task status from Open to In progress.Mar 14 2024, 19:34

This is approved. I will add access shortly.

I think onboarding should be complete now, let me know if I missed anything...